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New Marketing
In order to gain maximum exposure for our members we use several types of media advertising. For example for Male Escort exposure we use leading female publications such as New Woman and SHE Magazine

It is essential that a multiple media approach is taken to achieve sucess for your escort business.Read more ...

Make sure you can see such credibility before you choose your Escort site and this applies in particular for Male Escorts. Also be cautious of any sites where you see no evidence of this and you can not access their escorts even at a small fee.

The so called free sites which operate in a secretive way will have hidden their costs in other ways which include apparent monthly security checks.

Be Careful Who You Join!

Make SURE you make the right choice. Many take your money but have no genuine method of finding you clients. Unless they have a FULL and FREE open search on their site, so a client can actually find you, you will just waste your time and money.

Also, pick the site that is;
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when a client searches for Male Escorts, as that is THE most important factor in obtaining clients. Is there anyone first in all those search engines and who are they? Answer: Yes, us!

Yet another high profile article looking at the Male Escort industry through Ideal Escorts. This amazing article in a recent issue of FHM Magazine uncovered the industry secrets.

An undercover journalist details his journey as a Male escort and reveals his own experiences! Read more ...

Male Escorting is now in vogue. 2011 is forecast to see the biggest growth in Male Escorting yet! The way being a Male Escort is being perceived is changing very quickly. From a recent Hollywood movie, through many radio and TV programmes the fascination and resulting demand for Male Escorts has exploded! Please take some time to look around our site and you will see the large media interest in Male Escorts. Recognised as the largest and best Male Escort service in the UK we can provide you with a great opportunity. As Ideal Escorts are the only major online service to offer free searching on Male Escorts the business potential for you is huge! Beat the credit crunch now and start Escorting!
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Fascinating article featuring Ideal Escorts

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Have you thought about being a Male Escort but never gone ahead with it. 2011 is forecast to be the biggest year so far for Male Escorts.

So now as we look forward to a great year ignore the doom and gloom as its an excellent time to try escorting. Take the perfect opportunity to try it with the best company in the UK. Unlike other services there are no fees for clients to search for your details and therefore females are not put off.

Total Discretion

We offer 100% discretion to both Escorts and Clients. We will NEVER post anything to you and when you register you select only the details you would like on public view.

Free Escort Searching

Unlike many sites we do not charge for searching. So as an Escort you will receive maximum viewings and as a client you have no costs! This is yet another reason why Ideal Escorts continues to be the UK's premier site for both Escorts and Clients.

Ideal Escorts in Australia & New Zealand

Moving to Australia or New Zealand or do you come from there? Shortly you will be able to register on our site for free. We are currently upgrading the site and we are offering free memberships during this phase.

Ideal Escorts en France


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